Custom Osmosis Facial


50 mins

A customized facial that allows us to address your immediate skincare needs to keep you looking your best each time you visit! Extractions included!

LED Acne Facial


80 mins

This specialized acne facial will focus to reduce existing acne, prevent new blemishes and improve the look and texture of your skin. An enzyme is used to exfoliate the skin followed by extractions and ending with 30 mins under our LED light to heal the skin and reduce bacteria.



70 mins

A scientific breakthrough that helps enhance mitochondrial function and restores skins youthful appearance.

Minimum of 3 monthly treatments recommended.


  • Allergy to aspirin or salicylates

  • Allergy to citric acid or any kind

  • Anyone who is highly allergic

  • Pregnant or trying to become pregnant

  • Use of Accutane within one year

  • Use of antibiotics (topical or systemic)

  • Laser surgery with the last 12 weeks

  • Using glycolic acid, Retin A or Renova in the last two weeks